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FIX - Ready For Marriage Again

The FIX Mastermind is the only Mastermind that focuses on healing the patterns and preparing for a thriving Marriage with God at it’s core, and addresses YOU as the container, so you can create the marriage you always wanted, and a peaceful and calm atmosphere in your home. 

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to get married again. You are passed the drama and you are willing to do the work to open up and invite new abundance into your life.
  • You are ready for more effective communication where you feel heard and able to get your point across clearly and respectfully.
  • You want the atmosphere in your home to feel loving, caring and harmonious, working together as a team and creating systems that work for everyone to allow for the shifts of a new marriage.

AND, This is for your if your business is important to you and you don't want to give it up for the sake of a new marriage, but you want to optimize it to allow for the shift.

If you are waiting for the kids to grow up, to retire, for the Messiah to come... stop waiting!

Do it now - but do it smart! Do it in a way that ensures you are on the right track! In alignment, and with guidance. - And make sure it sticks!

So what do you get in the FIX Mastermind?

  • 6x 45 minutes one-on-one call
  • 4 monthly group calls (1 hour each)
  • weekly check ins - for accountability
  • Recordings & Trainings
  • Guest Speakers & Special Events
  • Meditation library
  • Community

A bit more in detail:

  • You get an All-encompassing/holistic system (God, Marriage, Business, You) that will transform the way you approach your business-growth in 6 months. (honing in on implementing the CALM method into every aspect of your life and all types of situations that effect your business and your marriage.)

  • Weekly group calls (Structure: God, Marriage, You and Q&A)
    • in these weekly calls we usually have
      • a guided visualization or meditation that has to do with the topic,
      • process and implement of the information we gained from that meditation
      • you walk away with very concrete take aways that are unique to you.
      • You’ve created your own action steps for what you need to do next.

      • During the Q&A sessions I gather your questions and address them during the call. 
  • Bi-Monthly 1:1 VIP session - 45 min. session - You schedule it when it’s convenient for you
    • This is your time to get real and practical about what’s not working
    • This session is personal and private, customized for whatever YOU are going through in this season.
    • This is why the Mastermind is limited - I want to give you my full attention!

  • Meditation Library
    • At any time, on your own time, when you need a boost - you can sign in to the meditation library and pick any meditation from the list. You’ll find
      • a bunch of meditations from the previous year’s programs
      • every meditation we’ve done in the program so far (and it’s updated weekly)
      • And some specific meditations that are created just for the library. so that you have where to turn.
        • The meditations are positive, they help you to align and ground yourself, and they leave you feeling refreshed
      • This is a resource at your fingertips

  • Recordings in the vault of past sessions and special trainings
    • If you missed a class, you can make it up
    • or you want to go back and re-listen to something we’ve said - it’s all available for you in the vault (and you’ll get a walk through of the vault at orientation after you sign up)

  • Guest speakers on specific topics.
    • In the vault we have a tab of past guest speakers you can go back and hear, (They filled in for me during maternity leave
    • This coming year we’ll also have occasional experts that will come to speak on specific topics as the needs arise.
    • Already in the vault are topics such as: Time-management, Thriving, Money Mindset, EFT Tapping, and Setting Goals

  • Accountability check-in
    • You’ll be getting check-ins from me on a regular basis
    • This is so that you don’t fall between the seats
    • or give up on yourself when it gets a bit difficult.
    • You always have who to turn to in a private message or a voice note.

  • Community 
    • You are surrounded by like minded women who have the same priorities and are all extraordinary individuals!
    • You will make soul-sister level friends!

So let’s bring it together:

  • 6 x 45 minutes one-on-one call
  • 4 monthly group calls (1 hour each)
  • weekly check ins - for accountability
  • Recordings & Trainings
  • Guest Speakers & Special Events
  • Meditation library
  • Community

This is going to take your marriage to where you always wanted your marriage to be! 

Join FIX!

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